Internationally Acclaimed Spinner of RED HOT 1950's Dance Music
Is he the Baddest?
Is he the lowest, downest, dirtiest, Rhythm 'n' Bluesiest disk spinner there is?


If you haven’t seen this man in action, if you haven’t heard his grooves, if you haven’t felt his Devil's music from your head down to your feet.

You need to get on it right away because DJ SLIMBOY is waiting for you!

He is internationally renowned for his incomparable ability to find and play the dirtiest tunes there ever were and believe me they are HOT, HE IS HOT and YOU WILL BE HOT on the dance floor as soon as he gets goin’. 

So, if you have a bucket list, make sure SLIMBOY is the first word on it!
Slim's Pickings
Check out some his playlist favourites ...
Track #1: Jiver
"Check out this unbelievable collaboration - jivin' R'n'B at its very best. Caldonia '56 sees Louis Jordan's red hot combo go head to head with Micky Baker's scorching guitar. Mind blown."
Track #2: Stroller
"Model 'T' Slim's Shake Your Boogie on the Magnum Records label. A sleazy, intense and filthy grinder of a stroll. This one should be for over 18's only."
Track #2: Bopper
"Muddy Waters' Evan's Shuffle (Ebony Boogie) Featuring Little Walter, cut on Chess Records in 1950. A low down dirty harmonica drives this relentless tune. And listen to that piercing note at the start of the reprise. A steady, sweaty, floor pounding bopper."
Get In Touch
Despite the boy wonder being in constant demand, Gotcha Records has a direct line to Slimboy's diary. If you want him for your event get in touch ASAP - he'll be as pleased as punch to be the icing on your cake.


Call: 07803271176
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