Sugar Foot Stomp

– Late Night Honkin’ Horns ‘n’ Jive –

This 6 piece combo, features growling horns, piano, guitar, double bass, vocals and drums, and delivers dirty swing and 50’s jump jive late into the night.

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A regular feature in the European Jump Jive and Swing scene, The Preacher, RT Baxter, The Flying Bassman, One Hand, Rob and The Reed Splitter definitely know how to fill a dance floor.  Give them a beer and they’ll play like it’s their last night on earth.


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Heavily influenced by Kentucky’s finest, this collection of self penned tunes were expertly picked up by the rusty ribbon mic that hangs from the ceiling at The Nevergood Farm Studio.  The volume knob was operated by the viciously critical masked duo once known as The Cheap House Doubles.

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